This Is An Extremely Effective Juice Versus Bloating And Indigestion , You Should Try It


You can consume a juice to avoid bloating, gas and to cleanse your organism.

Bloating: causes and aspects

Several things cause bloating: unhealthy diet, food intolerance, excess of air in the intestines, tension, medications, increased digestive tract level of sensitivity.

Symptom of bloating

The symptoms are: gurgling, gas, flatulence, swollen belly, burping or stomach spasms.

A carrot juice dish to get rid of bloating

If you want to cleanse your organism drink carrot juice for 7 days.

What you need:

-200 grams of prepared carrots

-3 stalks celery

-1/2 natural lemon with the white part

-1/2 green apple

How to prepare:

Cook the carrots and with the other ingredients put them in a mixer. After you have filtered the juice drink it in the morning before breakfast.

What are the health benefits of this carrot juice?


Carrots can rebalance the digestive tract flora due to the amount of fibers. They will also improve heart health and lower cholesterol.


Celery can cure hypertension, bad cholesterol, heart disease, menstrual discomfort due to its vitamin A, B and E, minerals and essential trace elements such as iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, manganese content. It also improves intestinal tract, digestive system and prevents inflammation and constipation.


You can take lemon and even add chamomile to ease gastric acidity increase” the gastrointestinal system stimulating liver enzymes and improve digestion.