This is What You Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Change The Sheets! Never Leave This Task For Later!


None of us changes the sheets regularly, and this may cause some issues to our health. Many viruses and bacteria reside on our bodies, but they are harmless, usually. Sometimes, while we sleep, some of them move through the sheet, mixing with saliva, skin cells, and body fluids, causing a great issues. Thus, the bed transforms into an incubator of harmful bacteria like:

-Candida albicans – this is fungus which develops in the sheets, causing blood, throat, and genital infections.

-Acne – those who have issues with acne need to change their pillow cases every few days in order to lower the contact with bacteria which is causing skin issues.

-Staphylococcus aureus – this is bacterium that resides on dirty sheets and can be responsible for skin, urinary tract, as well as lung infections.

-Mites – the reproduce on the sheets very fast. Even though not harmful, they may cause great issues for those who suffer from allergies.

Make sure to keep your mattresses clean if you suffer from flu or colds, thus change them regularly, each 2 days in order to avoid the infections from spreading.

Tips to prevent health risks:

-Take a shower prior going to sleep, or wash your hands and face, at least;

-Change your nightgown or pajamas each 2-3 days;

-Avoid consuming foods in bed, and if you notice crumbs on it, make sure to change the sheets;

-If you plan to play with your pet on the bed, make sure to put a blanket first;

-Keep your bedroom clean, use the vacuum cleaner each week and keep the furniture clean.