A Famous Doctor Tells The Truth: We All Do It With Pleasure, But It Causes Serious Diseases!


Although no one wants to admit it, humans usually age between 45-50, the diet we consume at that part of our life is not suitable for the age. At 45, we usually eat a diet that corresponds with being 20 or 30 which is a big burden for our organism. Professor Dosenko claims that overeating is a big health concern and considers it responsible for Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

When we overeat, we impair our body’s ability to destroy and process nutrients and fiber.

The famous Ukrainian doctor Victor Dosenko suggests eating just enough to feel a bit hungry, and he also suggests fasting at least one or two days a week. This will result in a complete cleanup of the body and will improve the function of our organs.

The new medical and technological breakthroughs as well as following Dr. Dosenko’s advices will allow us to live longer. The professor himself expects that humanity will live up to 120 years in the future if they submit to a healthy diet and regular prophylaxis exams.