My Grandmother Taught Me This Remedy To Eliminate Spider Veins. Now My Legs Look Great!


Varicose veins (spider veins) are annoying dilated veins are seen in our legs causing a problem not anything more aesthetic, as it is a sign that we are having a poor circulation, this is a problem that occurs mainly in women, however men do not Escape from them, being a cause of concern for many and causing the constant search for remedies that help eliminate varicose veins.

The best ways to eliminate varicose veins without very expensive treatments or need for rest, these remedies are easy to prepare and you can perform them in the tranquility of your home. These wonderful natural remedies can significantly help you eliminate varicose veins, allowing circulation to improve:

-The crystal of the aloe vera: this is one of the best treatments, to realize you just have to take a penca of the plant and extract its crystal, then you must warm it until it is a little warmed and applied in the affected area, if you wish you can use it Like compresses during the night and retire them in the morning, when waking up.

-Apple, carrot and aloe vera vinegar: Blend the apple vinegar, carrot and aloe vera gel in a blender until you get a homogeneous mixture, apply in the affected area, and let it act for a period of 30 Minutes, then remove with plenty of cold water.

-Garlic: you can use it frequently in your food or prepare an ointment by mixing a little garlic crushed with alcohol, perform a massage with this mixture in your legs 4 times a week.

-Immersion baths with sea salt and apple vinegar: this is an excellent remedy to eliminate varicose veins and is very simple, immerse your feet in this mixture for a period of 20 minutes and massages in the meantime.

-Ginkgo Biloba: This plant possesses flavonoids which stimulate and improve the functioning of your circulatory system, making it a great ally to eliminate varicose veins. You can consume a tablet or capsule daily.

Other important recommendations:

Put your legs up daily at least for a period of 10 minutes to stimulate the return of blood to the heart and achieve decongestion of the veins.
Take walks or ride a bicycle, these activities activate blood circulation.
Avoid crossing your legs when you sit, remember that this prevents the blood from circulating normally, stimulating the appearance of varicose veins and worsening the situation of those already formed.
Avoid standing for long or long sitting.
Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle and drinking alcohol, cigarettes and coffee.
If you use birth control pills, look for another option as these cause side effects related to circulation.