13 Cleaning Hacks For Your House That Will Make Your House Stay Clean For A Whole MONTH! (Number #11 Is Something You Need To Do Right Away)


The process of cleaning takes determination and preparedness to spend almost an entire day trying to clean everything.

Some of the easiest and the most efficient tricks that will help you clean your house perfectly:

-For perfectly clean bathtub

You wonder how to clean the bathtub? It is very simple. Start by heating some vinegar in the microwave oven. Then, mix the vinegar with a detergent in the ratio 1:1 and pour it in a spray bottle. Do not shake the mixture, just stir gently. Spray the mixture into the bathtub and then wipe using a sponge. This mixture will provide you with more impressive results than the rest of the cleaning products.

-Removing heavy stains


We have all seen the scribbles or drawings kids make on the walls or on other places. These marker stains usually take a lot of rubbing, but now you can forget about it. Just take ordinary toothpaste and apply some on a wet cloth, and wipe the stain easily.

–Marker stains can also be removed with a hair spray or deodorant. Just spray some directly on the stain and then rinse with water

–Another way of removing marker stains is the one that involves baking soda. Pour some baking soda on a sponge, wipe the affected area and rinse with water. Your walls will become perfectly clean and ready for the next great work of art.

-How to remove nail polish stains


Have you ever spilled nail polish? If you have, you know how difficult the removal of this type of stains is. However, now you can use the following trick: pour some nail polish remover over the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Then, rub the stain using paper and remove the remainder. If the nail polish has already dried, spray some hair spray over the stain and wipe it using some warm water and soap.

-Washing kids’ toys

Washing the kids’ toys is not that easy because they are always scattered all over the room and it is not easy to wash them one by one. However, there is a simpler solution. Put all the toys in a washing bag and put the bag into the washing machine.

Warning: be careful not to damage the washing machine with the kids’ toys.

–What if the nail polished has been spilled on the carpet? Use a stain removing product and wipe the carpet with a wet cloth.

-Cleaning the microwave oven

With the help of this trick, you will clean the microwave oven in several minutes only. Cut a lemon in half, put it in a cup and add some cinnamon. Put the cup in the microwave and turn the microwave on for about five to ten minutes at the lowest temperature. The lemon will help you clean and disinfect the microwave, and the cinnamon will help you eliminate the unpleasant odor.

-For a shiny kitchen

Mix some baking soda with some herbal oil and make a paste. Apply the paste onto any oily stain and leave it for about five to ten minutes. Wipe the stain off using a cloth and a detergent and you will save a couple of hours of rubbing.

-Get rid of the dust for good

In order to save some time, you should pour a couple of drops of oil on a paper towel and wipe the dusty surfaces with the paper towel. Then, repeat the process using a paper towel only. A thin layer of the oil will remain on the surfaces and this layer will help you make the surfaces shiny and it will accumulate the dust.

-Tricks for maintaining the washing machine clean

You do not need any expansive products for cleaning the washing machine. All you need is vinegar. Pour some white vinegar in the detergent section and add the detergent you use, and turn the washing machine on. Once it finishes working, your washing machine is going to become perfectly clean.

– One of the rarest tricks people know is the fact that you can improve your clothes during the process of washing with the help of vinegar. Add some white vinegar in the detergent you use for washing your clothes, about a third of the amount of the detergent, and everything will be washed much more efficiently. This is especially good for colored clothes.

– Some types of fabric are a magnet for cat and dog hair. Wash your clothes with vinegar and the hair is never going to stick on your clothes again.