What your lips tell about your personality?


Your lip prints are more useful than imprinting them on your cute little nephew’s cheeks or on a coffee cup. Apart from being one of the sexiest feature of a girl, lips also convey a lot about your personality.

So go and put on your favourite lip shade, take a piece of paper and pucker it up (imprint your lips’ sexy print on the paper). Go through the list below to find out what do your lips reveal about your personality

1)  Open in center, but closed on sides

You are the kind of a person who loves to explore and are open for new experiences. The broader the ‘open’ gap, more you are lively and the people enjoy being around you.

2)  Open from corners

You are the one who gets bored a little easily. You love doing various tasks simultaneously. You love keeping yourself busy and keep switching between the tasks. You don’t like doing one things at a time as you get bored.

3) Rectangle or corners

You love to make other people feel very special and nurture them. People look for your back and advice when land up in troubles. People like you are loved for the reliable and down to earth nature. For you, your loved ones are really important and you even never ditch them for outings and occasions.

4) Oval or Round

‘Peacemaker’ is the word for you. You really try hard to avoid clashes and conflicts at any cost. You are really good at understanding things from everyone’s point of view and thus take good decisions. You also understand the power of meditation and make sure to take out time for that.

5) Triangle

You are the ones who are born to lead. You recognize talents in people and can nurture them to create a productive outcome and further enhance the work environment. You people are too generous and work a lot for the society. Apart from that, you are a great listener.

6) Wavy

Since your lips’ shape doesn’t fit into any shape, speaks a lot about your personality. You people are super high on creativity. You think out of the box and love doing crazy things.