Warning: Stop Eating Tilapia Before It Is Too Late!


According to experts, we should consume more fish since this type of meat is easy for digestion and it is rich in fatty omega acids which are highly beneficial for the body. However, not all fish is beneficial. Believe it or not, tilapia is a fish that you should definitely avoid.

Tilapia is widely consumed because of its low price and because it’s easily prepared.

Nonetheless, a large part of tilapia fish distributed worldwide has not been grown in natural conditions, but in factory farms. Farm raised fish are given all kinds of fertilizers. To make matters worse, a lot of different chemicals are used during the farming. These chemicals transfer from the fish into our body and cause further health complications.

Namely, farm-bred tilapia can lead to coronary disease, joint inflammation, and asthma. This type of fish contains carcinogens, experts explain.

All in all, in order to be on the safe side, exclude this type of fish from your diet or buy tilapia fish from trusted seafood stores where the fish is wild caught.