Rub This Homemade Magnesium Lotion On Your Skin To Help Relieve Pain In Minutes


Probably one of the most important minerals in our body is magnesium since it is required by all cells in the body. In fact, it works within cells that are the powerhouses, factories, and regulators of the body`s systems. In other words, this mineral is co-factor in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body. Moreover, it affects all systems of the body due to its cellular and molecular function.

The benefits of magnesium:

– Stimulates the absorption of vitamin D from the sun
– Keeps energy levels in check
– Lowers the risk of diabetes
– Maintains healthy bones
– Regulates the metabolism of nutrients such as protein, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates
– Works as an important factor in muscle relaxation and heart health
– Promotes circulation
– Promotes healing and soothing of inflammation

Magnesium intake on a regular basis can prevent many health conditions like: diabetes, osteoporosis, headache, muscle spasms, asthma, hypertension, and neurological conditions like depression, anxiety, tics, insomnia and autism. Unfortunately, the standard American diet Is low in magnesium, thus leading to magnesium deficiency.

The best way to reap all the benefits of magnesium is to apply it topically because it is far superior to absorb the nutrients and minerals through the skin than to ingest them.

Dr. Norman Shealy of the American Holistic Medical Association conducted a study on participants who had their feet soaked in magnesium flake and magnesium oil on a daily basis. The results showed that 75% of them exhibited a notable increase in their magnesium levels.

People make huge mistake when they use a store-bought moisturizer because it’s not as beneficial as the homemade moisturizer. A homemade moisturizer will help you moisturize and soothe aching muscles, but it works as a natural sun block as well.


You will need:

– 3 tbsp boiling water
– ½ cup magnesium flakes


All you have to do is to boil some water, add the magnesium flakes in it and stir until fully dissolved.


You will need:

– ½ cup magnesium oil
– ¼ cup avocado oil
– 3 tbsp shea butter
– 2 tbsp emulsifying wax


First, take a small pot and fill it to about ¼ with water. Bring the water to boil. After that, lower the heat and in order to make a double boiler, fit a pyrex bowl. Melt the ingredients, except for the magnesium oil. Once melted, let the combination to cool down. Use a hand blend in order to blend the mixture and then stir in the magnesium oil. Once prepared, put the butter in the fridge for 15 minutes, and you are all set.