The World Has Gone Crazy About This Asian Diet!!! Try It And You Will Lose 3 Kg In Only 10 Days!!!


Asian women almost have no cellulite and it’s really hard to see an obese Chinese woman. That’s because of their healthy nutrition and the saturated fats which are almost completely thrown out of it.

It is well known that saturated fats and sugar are the main cause of cellulite, but also an excess of kilograms.


It’s believed that Asian people are slim due to the philosophy of nutrition to which they are attached to and that understands spreading food on several smaller plates or bowls,that are never full to the top. Doctor Colin Campbell wrote the work called “The China Study” in which he has turned the Asian way of nutrition into a diet plan. That’s how the Asian diet was created.
The main ingredient in the Asian women’s nutrition is rice, but also fruits and vegetables. Rice can be substituted with something else from time to time: corn, integral bread or noodles made with integral flour.

You should also eat carrots, salad, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, onion and garlic every day, no matter if they’re fresh or boiled and spiced up with oil and vinegar. You can also eat nuts, fish, soy, fresh cheese and yoghurt every day.

You can eat poultry meat, eggs, and candies once a week. Still, try to eat fruits or fresh cheese with honey and walnuts or for example, dark chocolate with 75% of cocoa instead of sweets.

You should eat red meat once a month. It’s recommended that you eat veal, beef, and especially pork very rarely. You can eat the allowed ingredients in quantities that will satisfy your appetite.

The meals in this diet aren’t precisely determined, which can confuse people who aren’t familiar with the Asian kitchen e.g. with the ingredients they mostly use.

You can change the diet plan, but you must be careful about the caloric values of a meal. This is an example for only one day of the diet, which can serve you to create a plan for the rest of the days, too.

D-r Colin Campbell claims that you’ll lose 3 kilograms in only 10 days with this Asian diet.

Suggestion menu for the Asian diet

Cooked millet in skimmed milk and a cup of unsweetened green tea with lemon.

Chopped fruit in low-caloric yogurt. An alternative solution is an orange or a grapefruit and green tea.

Integral rice with cooked vegetables and tomato sauce. Another option is baked potato and chicken that will be spiced up with lemon and vinegar.

A cup of skimmed milk, chamomile tea or green tea. For the ones who can’t quench hunger, it’s advised that they eat another orange or grapefruit.

Chicken meat chopped in tiny cubes, with broccoli or another green vegetable. Prepare the chicken on a little bit of oil and spice it up with lemon and a little bit of seasonal mix.

Dinner number 2:
(for people who go to bed late): A cup of milk or tea.