How To Remove Bad Energy From Your Home


Place that gives you peace, comfort and security is our home, and where you let go of every negative emotion, thought, and the stress you experience every day. Without being aware of it, you transfer this negativity from yourself to your home – it penetrates its ceiling, furniture, carpet, walls and objects. Here you can learn how to cleanse this negative energy to prevent any negativity having bad impact on you and your wellbeing.

Black tourmaline unpolished mineral
Trained energy therapist and author of “How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can,” Amy B. Scher, suggests the following simple steps to clear your home and yourself of negative vibes and create a positive space.

Use Houseplants
In each room of your home putting at least one houseplant will help you keep the energy clear. Scher recommends using eucalyptus, lavender and white sage, since these are thought to have a greater cleansing effect. Nevertheless, any houseplant will do. You can place small bouquets  in individual rooms.

Let Fresh Air In and “Shoo” Negative Energy Out
To open all windows and curtains in your home and allow fresh air and sunlight to enter is another simple way of cleansing bad energy . Scher advises a technique that involves eliminating bad energy through a window by “swishing” or  “shooing” it with your hands, a broom or a large poster board. Scher says“Use your intention to help usher that energy out. You can even imagine it all leaving your house”.

Sprinkle Salt Around Your Home
A very effective energy cleansing technique is  sprinkling salt around your home. Scher suggest sprinkling salt on the carpet and then vacuuming after an hour. This will help absorb all the negativity from your home, according to her. Fill several bowls with salt and place them in the corners of individual rooms is another way to use salt. In addition, other therapists suggest dissolving several tablespoons of salt in a cup of water and spraying each room with this solution.

Salt can cleanse yourself of negative energy so fill your bath with water, dissolve 2 cups of sea salt in it, and relax.

Use Black Tourmaline Crystals
Black tourmaline helps absorb all negativity and provides one with protection, according to Scher. Put black tourmaline crystals around your home, especially in rooms filled with electronics as these tend to create chaotic energy in a home. To protect yourself from picking up the negative energy around you, she  suggests using these crystals . Scher says “I often put it in my pocket or purse while traveling. It’s great for sensitive people who seem to pick up on the energy around them and need some extra protection”  .

Burn White Sage (or other incense)
You should burn a smudge stick or a cone in every room to remove negative energy from your home. There are several cleansing incenses that are commonly used for this purpose, including sandalwood, lavender, and sage.

Sandalwood contains  green prana,  associated with breaking down, detoxification, deconstruction, and digestion. Lavender incense contains blue-violet prana. Blue prana contains the properties of inhibition, disinfection, and is good for cooling and placating, while violet prana is an amalgamation of all the properties of the other five pranas. Lighter shades of violet are associated with the properties of healing and regeneration. Sage, on the other hand, contains blue, green and violet prana.

While walking around your house Scher recommends burning white sage. You should make sure to swirl it in a counterclockwise rotation. For cleansing yourself she recommends this technique. You should start at your feet and swirl the smoke around your body all the way up to your head.

Room Cleansing Sprays
Scher recommends preparing your own room spray with pure essential oils. This will effectively cleanse the negative energy of your home, according to her. Common essential oils to use for this purpose include: lavender, patchouli, rose, and frankincense. To cleanse yourself use this technique.

Claim the Space
Some of you might have a feeling that the space where you live is contaminated with someone else’s energy and issues. Scher suggests claiming the space as your own to get rid of this feeling. Simply walk around your home and say: “I take back this space. I choose to make this a positive place for me now! I love changing the energy of this space.”

Play High Frequency Music
Playing high vibration music will certainly result in effective clearing of negative energy, according to Scher. Music in general makes us feel better and helps us overcome various situations and issues in our lives.

Move Around Your Furniture
Rearranging your furniture may have an emotional impact on you. Scher says “Feng shui is an ancient system of harmonizing and balancing an environment’s energy by specific arrangement or placement of items”. “While there are rules of feng shui, I’ve found because we each have our own unique energy system, we can relate to our spaces very differently.” That is why Scher suggests moving things around and finding out what feels best to you.