A famous doctor reveals: do this every day and you will be healed of every disease


The tips we’re going to present you can help you in fighting off numerous different diseases,according to many doctors. A famous doctor even claims that they can be great for your overall health if you turn them into a habit.

In the first hour after sunrise or before sunset look into the Sun. First, start with 10 seconds, than  increase every day for 10 seconds. Stand with barefoot on dry ground or concrete while looking in the sun.

Drink water without fluoride or filter tap water. The best option is natural spring water. Leave the water exposed to sunny rays for few hours in a colorless, clear, glass bottles to absorb solar energy. During the night don’t leave it outside.

Do exercises on fresh air, for example, in the park every day. It’s one of the best methods for detoxification.

Take a walk;  in the morning and evening take a deep breath in the fresh airfor at least 20 minutes.

Make sure you go to bed early, somewhere between 10pm and 2am. Human body secretes healing hormones in this period. Live according to the rhythm of the sun.

Replace commercial cosmetics with natural.

A famous doctor claims that we should all consume more raw fruits and vegetables. Grains are also great for your organism. Reduce the intake of products of animal origin.

Remove products with artificial sweeteners.

Avoid cigarettes, coffee, black tea, alcohol,  chewing gum, and canned goods.

Keep always a smile on your face! Always be positive, because it will speed up the secretion of therapeutic hormones.

Don’t think or speak negatively about yourself or others, because your subconscious follows your thoughts. As  everything is fine with you act like that .

Forgive yourself and others. If you forgive, you free yourself of hatred and anger which has negative effect on the secretion of hormones and damaging our health. Forgiving others, you will help yourself.

The ideal diet is totally raw plant foods, a famous doctor claims that. Eat almonds and walnuts. Take 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds or 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil.

Even mental disease can be treated with raw plants and Sun.