10 week no-gym home workout plan that is guaranteed to burn fat


You like everyone should exercise! No matter how busy you are it is really important to take care of yourself and making time to exercise. But starting is often the hardest part. Well, unfortunately, you’re probably just going to have to jump right in. You can try this ten week no gym no equipment exercise program for burning fat and building muscle. But first, we’re going to have to talk about proper form for a few of the exercises in this plan.


Starting position is lying down with your back flat on the floor. Lift your legs placing them at a ninety-degree angle to your body. In front of your chest cross your hands or put them behind your head (not clasping). Leave a fist’s space between your chin and chest. Bring your belly button into the base of your spine. Than sit up until your elbows or chest reach your knees. Not use your neck,back or leg muscles. Breath out as you sit up and breath in as you lie down.


Stand in position a little wider than shoulder width apart, hips should be over your knees and your knees over your ankles. Roll back your shoulders, and your spine is neutral. Put your arms straight out, palms facing down. By unlocking the hips start the movement , sending them backward as you bend your knees. Make sure  your back stays straight when your butt starts to stick out keep your upper body upright. Keep your head straight and facing forward. Go as deep as you can (hips sinking below your knees). Driving through your heels explode back up.


Starting position is standing a few inches apart with your back straight and look forward. With one foot step forward , bending the knee until it’s at a ninety-degree angle. Directly below the ankle the front knee should be and will pass your toes when you make the lunge. Then pull the front foot back to where you started from, and you’ve done one rep.


Start with high plank position, by having your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders with your back flat. Bending at the elbows lower your body, keep your back flat and don’t let your butt dip or rise. Tuck your elbows close to your body as you drop and draw your shoulder blades back. Keep your core engaged and exhale as you push back to the starting position

Now that the basics have been covered let’s get into the ten-week program. This program can be done at your home. With a few stretches prepare yourself and get ready to burn fat and build muscle.

jumping jacks (thirty-five)
crunches (twenty-five)
lunges (fifteen)
sit ups (ten)
squats (twenty)
butt kicks (ten)
wall sit (twenty-five seconds)
plank (fifteen seconds)
push-ups (five)

jumping jacks (ten)
lunges (twenty-five)
sit ups (thirty-five)
squats (ten)
crunches (twenty)
butt kicks (twenty)
wall sit (forty-five seconds)
plank (thirty seconds)
push-ups (ten)

jumping jacks (fifty)
butt kicks (twenty-five)
lunges (twenty-five)
squats (fifteen)
sit ups (thirty)
crunches (thirty)
wall sit (thirty-five seconds)
plank (forty seconds)
push-ups (ten)

jumping jacks (twenty-five)
squats (thirty-five)
crunches (twenty)
lunges (fifteen)
wall sit (sixty seconds)
butt kicks (thirty-five)
sit ups (fifty)
plank (thirty seconds)
push-ups (twenty)

jumping jacks (fifty-five)
wall sits (forty-five seconds)
butt kicks (fifty)
squats (twenty-five)
sit ups (forty)
crunches (thirty)
lunges (sixty)
plank (sixty seconds)
push-ups (thirty)


first week –thirty-second jog (repeat five times), thirty-second sprint

second week –  forty-five-second jog (repeat six times),thirty-five-second sprint

third week –sixty-second jog (repeat seven times), forty-five-second spring

fourth week –forty-five-second jog (repeat eight times), fifty-second sprint

fifth week – thirty-second jog (repeat seven times), fifty-five-second sprint

sixth week – sixty-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat six times)

seventh week – sixty-second jog (repeat five times), sixty-five-second sprint

eighth week – forty-five-second jog (repeat six times), seventy-second sprint

ninth week – thirty-second jog (repeat seven times), seventy-five-second sprint

tenth week – forty-five-second jog (repeat eight times), eighty-second sprint

Everything you need at your disposal to start a no gym no equipment workout routine. Pair the day’s exercises with that week’s cardio, and to rest on the weekends so your body can repair itself. In no time you should be burning fat and building in muscle.