Eat More Red Onions: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nosebleeds And Protects The Heart


People’s feelings about onions are mixed. Recent results of Business Wire research are good that 87% of the Americans like onions.

You can find many different types of onions, including yellow, sweet, white, red, Spanish.  They are in the group of the healthiest foods in the world, no matter which type you eat.

Onion is Made Of…

Onions are loaded with sulphuric compounds and other phytochemicals, vitamin C, flavonoids,  that give the onion its healing characteristics.

“You should eat onions every day if you like to avoid the visits to your doctor”, says an old saying.

Onions are rich source of polypheinols,  crucial for the prevention and disabling the progression of ailments like cancer, diabetes and many different cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Onions include more polyphenols than garlic or leeks which are very important for incrasing the ratio of beneficial bacteria in the gut – which is very important for your health, weight and immune system.

The Power of Onions

One of the greatest health components in this vegetable is flavonoid quercetin.

Many studies prove that quercetin is potent antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory characteristics. It prevents and heals chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Quercetin is very effective in preventing the release of histamine – chemical in the organism that causes allergic reactions, which means that onions are very effective antihistamines, study made at the University of Maryland Medical Center confirmed.

Also, the onions are useful for:

Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth

The onions are dietary anti-carcinogen, The National Onion Association states.

“In review on the effects of quercetin… people in the highest intake group versus the lowest had a 50% decreased risk of cancers of the stomach and alimentary and respiratory tracts. “

Onions are loaded with organic sulfurs, which disable many cancers.

Regulate Diabetes

Onion extract can reduce high blood sugar levels and normalize cholesterol levels as well, according to a research.

Prevent Ulcers

Onion disable the growth of Helicobacter Pylori (H-pylori) which can cause appearance of ulcer can keep you safe from gastric ulcers by destroying the free radicals.

Improve Oral Health

Onions prevent oral infections and tooth decay. You will allow the natural antibacterial characteristics of onion to destroy the germs that live in your mouth and throat by chewing onion for 2-3 minutes.

Boost Immunity

With the phytochemicals in the onions you will strengthen your immune system. Your organism will be able to fight against toxins and many other foreign bodies that can cause many ailments and illnesses.

Treat Respiratory Issues

Make combination of  raw onion, honey and brown sugar and leave it to stay during the night. You will have a potent syrup. Take out the onion after 24 hours. This syrup will help you to get rid of the cough.

Stop Nose Bleeds

Under your nose apply a slice of onion and the acrid fumes will assist your blood to clot faster.

Other option is  soak a cotton balls in onion juice and put them in your nostrils for 3-4 minutes.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

It has been proved that the quercetin disables low-density lipoprotein oxidation – a significant reaction in atherosclerosis (solidification of the arteries), kills the free radicals,  and coronary heart disease.

In the process of vitamin E regeneration it is helpful – a potent antioxidant which is very useful for the heart.

Detoxify Your Body

Dr. James J. Slaga, author of The Detox Revolution says taht the high concentration of sulfur-containing amino acids in onions has potent detoxifying impact on the organism.

Studies prove that these substances named organosulfides, create glutathione, a potent antioxidant that is used by the liver in the detoxification processes.