Pour Hot Water On Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax APPEARS


Everybody love candies despite they are filled with artificial sugars and stuff that are harmful for our overall health. For our luck, the nature has provided us with a healthier alternative to candies – fruits. Pears and apples are sweet but they are also packed with vitamins and minerals.

Always pay attention to the origin of the fruits you are purchasing since some of them are covered with wax that is made from the same material that motor oils are derived from. This wax is extremely toxic and dangerous for our body and it is life-threatening.

Fruit wax
Manufacturers tend to cover their fresh produce with wax in order to last longer. The fruit’s natural wax is removed during this process and after that the product is coated with petroleum based wax. Wax keeps bacteria and fungus away from the fruits manufacturers claim, but the real truth is that this wax also changes the color of the fruits, making them more appealing and tasty looking. This is trick that makes consumers buy more products.

Fruit wax ingredients
Companies are not forced to reveal wax’s content since it has nothing to do with food. Wax contains toxic ingredients and allergens like dairy, gluten, soy and other the like, according to some rumors. Wax coatings are also full of artificial dyes, fungicides, preservatives and coloring that make the fruit look nice. Unfortunately, all of these are known carcinogens, and you definitely don’t want them to be present in your food.

Avoid wax-covered fruits
Conventional fruit wax is made from ingredients that cause damage to our overall health, but still some companies cover their produce with wax made from natural ingredients. In order to avoid the risk of developing some life-threatening diseases you should definitely opt for these fruits.

It should be mentioned that organic fruit wax is made from ingredients like wood resin, carnauba wax and beeswax, and the most important thing is that it does not contain artificial preservatives, fungicides or petroleum-based ingredients.

In order to preserve your health find fruits that haven’t been waxed. For instance, you should look for fruits at farmer’s market. Pick fruits that are in season is another important thing, because they are never coated with wax.