8 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight without Laser Surgery or Glasses


As they get older, many people experience vision problems. For someone is becoming very difficult to see at close range or further away. Also, unfortunately, some people cannot see anything.

Usual solution in many cases can be   using contacts or glasses, but also you can repair your eyesight if you:

– It is recommendable to avoid the computer screens as much as possible.

– You should spend as much time as possible in the nature, looking at the green things around you.

– Few times a day , you can massage your eyes softly

– Minimum of 3 hours per day , your eyes should rest

– Compress your eyes gently with warm, damp cloth for 30 minutes every day.

– It is also recommendable to consume carrot juice regularly, every day.

– In order to make your eyesight better and strengthen your eyes you should take a look at the chart below and implement the 16 simple exercises. It is very easy; just follow the lines in the picture bellow with your eyes.