How to effectively kill every single cockroach in your house without using a single chemical


It is necessary to act fast and do something immediately if you see even just one or two cockroaches. Not only does thinking about them crawling nearby make a person cringe, but they also can cause allergies and can bring in disease elements. Also this cockroach can move from the most unsanitary places to homes, and they can eat human feces.

Health Concerns

The   claims that cockroaches have the ability to spread 33 different kinds of bacteria, seven different kinds of human pathogens, Salmonella and E.coli along with six types of parasitic worms. But not just their hands can cause this spread. Also this ability is in their entire bodies because they are filled with such bacteria and pathogens.

These are disease causing agents. Even just one or two are a concern, as they too can spread illness at a quick rate. This is  information from the World Health Organization  and it has alarming news as well.

According to the World Health Organization, cockroaches in some cases can cause dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, plague, viruses, typhoid fever and even leprosy! In addition the presence of cockroach can cause asthma attacks, salmonella, gastrointestinal problems, sepsis, urinary tract infections, and typhoid as well. Dead cockroach bodies and also cockroaches’ feces can cause allergies in people. These appear small and cylinder-shaped, in either black or brown.  It’s important to clean properly and sanitize our homes on a whole.

Chemical-Free Cockroach Removing?

In stores we can find chemical solutions which contain chemicals that are harmful for humans and pets. Cockroaches can become immune to many chemical cockroach killing systems due to evolutionary systems. Plus, cockroaches will likely avoid bait devices and regimes. For so long, humans have been trying to get rid of cockroaches, they’ve caught on by now.

These pests have been pesky for so long that we’ve come to know stuff about these critters which we can use to our advantage. Cockroaches gravitate towards warmth, moisture, and food. That’s why you’ll likely find their headquarters near water or some food source. Stopping their access to water and food can help drive them away and make a home less appealing to such critters.

The key to avoiding cockroaches and maintaining a cockroach-free home is proper cleaning and sanitizing. However, certain other factors can add challenges to this. For example, you’re more likely to find cockroaches in apartments as they can move from one unit to another and through walls easily. We will be sharing some cleaning tips to keep in mind, and a solution free from harmful chemicals!

Borax Balls

In this recipe main ingredient is boric acid powder, which is pretty safe to keep around humans and pets, but is destroyable for cockroaches. Boric acid has the ability to damage the skeleton of the cockroach, also can dehydrate it, and works like a poison. Within 24-72 hours, you will see it begin to work. The process as a whole will probably take 3-4 weeks.

All you need is:

  • 30-50 grams of Boric Acid Powder (or borax or boric powder acid)
  • Raw Egg Yolk
  • Also you  need some latex gloves

How to prepare:

Firstly you should mix the egg yolk and boric acid powder together well.  Than you can put your handy gloves on. Make small round balls out of the mixture while maintaining 1 cm diameters. They probably will be completely dry in just one hour. After that they are ready to use.

  • Key Steps

This recipe, to be the most efficient it is important to take certain other measures too. Firstly, it is important that the cockroaches don’t have access to any food particles.  Our spaces should be clean of any food particles.

Also it is important to take care of all areas with water. We want to make sure there isn’t any water standing around that cockroaches may feel drawn too.  We also want to make sure the pipes have proper insulation so that moisture doesn’t condense on them.

  • Where we can place the Borax Balls

We need to be very practically and also very creatively when we place the borax balls. It is important to put them close to the surface where the cockroaches will see them and go to taste them. When we choose where to place borax balls there are points that will be helpful.

Where are the cockroach headquarters in the place? One tip from is to sneak up on them at night. Firstly, be sure in the area, to keep all lights off (ideally floor) where the cockroaches seem to like going. Next quietly go to the area, quickly turn the lights on, and observe.

Where you can find them? By this point, they must be moving rapidly. Exactly where are they going? This will give you an idea of the areas it will be most effective placing the borax balls. Also, when they are in large groups they give off a very weird and off putting smell. This smell can also give you clues.

As mentioned before, they like being near food and water. You will likely find them within 5 feet of these sources. You want to put these balls around the cracks and crevices in and around walls, doors, and furniture. Check around appliances like the stove and fridge; they feel safe going there.

Other places to check up at include basements, cupboards, electronics, drains and sewer systems. Another area that you use every day where the cockroaches can hide is the bathroom! Yes, the bathroom.

  • Sealing Walls

It’s important to seal cracks and crevices on walls and cupboards with silicon. Sometimes cockroaches can travel into our homes through the items we bring in our clothing. When bringing in any such items, including groceries and laundry, we want to make sure they don’t contain cockroaches or other pests. That can save a lot of time and energy in the long run.

  • How can you Disinfect Walls

When cleaning surfaces cockroaches have contaminated, such as walls, we want to disinfect properly. One way is to make a mixture of baking soda and soapy water. I suggest wearing latex gloves and doing this through dipping a microfiber cloth into the mixture and wiping the walls. Don’t drench the walls, as this could ruin your wall and its paint. We also want to make sure we keep cleaning the cloth so that we don’t spread contaminants. Then do another wipe on the walls using a different, clean, and wet microfiber cloth.

  • Off We Go

With patience and persistence, you can clear your space of the pesky pests. You want to do this as soon as you see any cockroaches, in order to protect your home as well as the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family. You can do it! Take back the kitchen!