Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe For Arthritis And Joint Pain


In the beginning, joint pain is like any ordinary health problem, but in time it turns into a serious issue, which makes your daily routine and activities difficult to perform. Even simple home tasks can become a problem.

This pain is treated with pain killers, and it usually passes after a while, meaning it is not something serious.

But if it persists for a long time, and it becomes chronic, joint pain or arthritis can be very painful and serious.

Arthritis is a joint inflammation which starts from the feet and goes all the way up to the neck. Conventional medicine does not offer an effective remedy for this condition, so this is why many people suffering from arthritis are searching for alternative solutions, in order to treat the problem and relieve the pain.

Certain life changes and modified diet can bring positive results. OCT medications offer only limited help, so why throw away money on them when you can try some natural treatments to relieve arthritic pain.

Here we will present you a few very efficient natural ways to treat joint pain. They all contain apple cider vinegar.

Use the ACV separately in the beginning of the treatment- just apply it on the affected joint.

Also, pour some ACV in 6 cups of water and soak your aching feet and hands in the solution. It will instantly relieve the pain. For neck pain, or some other body part, soak a cloth in this solution and apply it on the aching area.

People suffering from joint or arthritic pain can use a combination of ACV and olive or coconut oil- mix 2 parts of ACV and 1 part of some oil and apply it on the painful area with a gentle massage for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the treatment every day, and it will soothe and relieve the pain.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used orally, to treat arthritis pain. Mix 3 tbsp. of ACV in 8 oz. of water or lemon juice. Drink this combination or apply it topically on the affected area. Both ways will have positive effects on the pain.

To get the most benefits of these remedies, drink a combination of ACV and cherry juice, 3 times a day before your meals.

Apple cider vinegar is not only useful for treating joint pain, it is also a powerful antioxidant which can help your body get rid of the accumulated waste and detoxify.

Use ACV on regular basis, its health benefits are numerous.